• Start Body Sculpting Now and Be Ready for Summer

    on Mar 26th, 2018

The (dreaded) bathing suit season is nearly upon us. For many adults, the thought of wearing shorts and swimsuits after a long winter is frightening. The talented team of OB/GYN & Women’s Health medical professionals at the Center for Women’s Health in Oxford, North Carolina, want you to know there’s nothing to dread about wearing summer clothes. When you start body sculpting treatments now, you’ll be ready for summer and bathing suits in no time.

SculpSure® Body Sculpting Means No Downtime, Just Results

For most of us, even with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, we still have stubborn fat pockets we just can’t hide in a bathing suit. SculpSure is a non-invasive body sculpting and contouring system that reduces these annoying fat pockets so you can look your best no matter what you’re wearing.

The procedure itself is relatively simple: The CynoSure® SculpSure laser system targets specific areas of fat and uses heat to destroy them under the surface of your skin. Your body then eliminates the destroyed fat cells by flushing them away over the period of about 12 weeks. Many women and men begin to notice results after just six weeks, but you’ll notice the biggest difference once your body eliminates all the fat cells.

And, guess what? These fat cells are gone for good! They won’t grow back. So, SculpSure results are long-lasting.

The SculpSure system is noninvasive, so there’s no downtime, and you’ll be able to resume your normal activities following a treatment session. The treatment takes just 25 minutes per area. The doctor customizes a treatment plan that helps you achieve your personal fat loss goals, so you may need more than one treatment for best results.

SculpSure Is Pain-free

During the treatment, you feel warming and tingling sensations as the laser heats the fat cells below the surface of your skin. You also feel a cooling sensation as the device keeps your skin comfortable during the 25-minute treatment. Whether you want to reshape and contour your love handles, back, thighs, belly, or even under your chin, SculpSure may be just what you need to take the fear out of bathing suit season.

Smartlipo® Triplex® Offers Minimally Invasive Body Contouring

To further enhance your curves, the Smartlipo Triplex system is another body sculpting treatment that can get you ready for summer with noticeable results and minimal downtime. This state-of-the-art body sculpting method uses laser-assisted liposuction to permanently destroy fat cells in a specific area.

Unlike traditional liposuction fat-removal surgeries, Smartlipo Triplex uses thermal energy to melt away fat cells and remove them through gentle suction. The doctor inserts a very thin tube with the laser under the surface of your skin so the thermal energy can destroy fat cells. The tissue surrounding the area where the fat is removed becomes tighter, leaving you with a smoother shape.

The Smartlipo Triplex system typically means less pain, less bruising, and a shorter recovery time than more invasive liposuction procedures. It can usually be performed as an in-office procedure under a local anesthetic, too, so you’re awake and comfortable during the treatment session. Each treatment area takes just 1½ -2 hours, and most adults only need one treatment.

Smartlipo works well on love handles, torso, flabby upper arms, neck, and even facial fat. You’ll see results in about a week and continue to notice an improvement over the next three to six months. Downtime is minimal, so you should be able to resume regular activities after a couple days.

With SculpSure and Smartlipo, it’s really that simple and convenient to get ready for summer without spending extra hours at the gym hoping to get the results you desire. Give yourself a confidence boost with a customized fat-reducing, body sculpting plan. By the time summer weather rolls around, you’ll be glad you did.

Call the Center for Women’s Health to schedule your body sculpting consultation today.

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